Zola Yoana believes that with the right coaching, you can find the right one to share your heart with. She knows first-hand what it takes to be a successful executive, the needed focus, sacrifice and commitment. However, this can mean little time to focus on matters of the heart.

Zola is the founder of Heart Inc., the pioneer company for contemporary and modern matchmaking in Indonesia. Heart Inc. provides matchmaking services, dating coach and makeover consulting for busy professionals at any stage of life. In addition, she also organizes and hosts related matchmaking events both in the media and for the public.
Zola is a Certified Matchmaker from the internationally renowned Matchmaking Institute in New York, discovering her true calling when she was the Marketing Director of a regional matchmaking agency. She is also the former executive of one of the top advertising agencies in Indonesia.

“I am truly called to help people overcome their obstacles to love, so they can create a life that is rich in love and happiness, let me help you to find the right one.” – Zola Yoana.